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How to Farm


How to farm on a laptop or desktop computer

(Ethereum network only)

  1. Go to and connect your MetaMask wallet.
  2. Ensure your MetaMask wallet is on the Ethereum Mainnet network and that your SUPER tokens are ERC20.

For the first farm, SUPER:

Farm Image

This farm is for staking SUPER to earn GEMs. The amount of gems you earn can be seen under the Estimated Yield per $1000 column. This yield will fluctuate based on the price movement of SUPER (as yield is calculated per $1000 USD) and pool size.

How to stake SUPER

  1. Click the Details button for the farm to show the Deposit and Withdraw fields.
  2. Enter the amount you want to stake in the Deposit field and click Approve.
  3. MetaMask will ask for approval. Approve the transaction.
  4. After successful approval, MetaMask will allow you to deposit. Click Deposit and confirm the transaction.
  5. Once your SUPER is deposited, they will appear in the Withdraw section. You are now earning GEMs!

The second farm, ETH-SUPER:

This farm provides liquidity for the ETH-SUPER pair on the Uniswap V2 Pool to earn GEMs and SUPER rewards. The liquidity is equally proportioned 50/50. For example, $500 worth of SUPER and $500 worth of ETH. The amount of GEMs and SUPER earned can be seen under Estimated Yield per $1000 (shown in USD value). The yield fluctuates according to the price movement of SUPER and ETH (as yield is calculated per $1000 USD) and Pool size.

In order to stake:

  1. Click the Details button for the farm to show the Deposit and Withdraw fields.
  2. On the left side of the details pane, click GET ETH-SUPER which will take you to
  1. Click + Add Liquidity which will take you to the pool to enter the amounts of proportional ETH-SUPER liquidity. When you add liquidity, you will receive liquidity pool (LP) tokens representing your position. These will be labeled UNI-V2 and these are what you use to farm on the ETH-SUPER farming pool.
  2. Once you have the LP tokens return to where now at the bottom of the Deposit section you will see the available LP tokens.
  3. Select the amount you want to stake in the provided space or click MAX to use all the LP tokens you have available.
  4. Click Approve
  5. MetaMask will pop up asking for approval. After successful approval it will then allow you to Deposit.
  6. Click Deposit which will bring up MetaMask again asking for confirmation.
  7. Once it is deposited it will reflect in the Withdraw section.
  8. A third section appear in the details pane with the option to Harvest the SUPER you have earned from the farm. You can harvest whenever you want. You are now earning SUPER and GEMs!

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